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Calcium Carbonate

Golden Bay Dolomite supplies calcium carbonate, essential to all soils. A correct application of Dolomite will lift the base saturation of both Calcium and Magnesium to the required levels (Calcium – 68% and Magnesium 12%). Liming increases Calcium alone and therefore will decrease the Magnesium base saturation percentage causing health issues in soil and animals. Reduced magnesium levels will then require a more costly approach to rectify.

Rather than guessing, it is recommended a comprehensive Kinsey/Albrecht Soil test from Perry Laboratories be taken. This shows exactly how much calcium and magnesium may need to be applied to your soil (also includes primary, secondary and trace elements). 

Caution must be taken when looking at pH as a reason to apply calcium as each of the four cations effect pH, Magnesium 1.6x Potassium 2x and Sodium 4x more than Calcium!