Stock / Plant Health

Each application of Dolomite presents magnesium to your stock through your pasture every day.

Magnesium losses on high producing dairy farms are estimated to be in the order of 20-25 kg/ha per year.

Because of Dolomites purity its magnesium content is readily available to plants, and therefore animals. Applying dolomite can reduce the need for many supplementary health remedies that are costly, time consuming and effect production.  Applying  magnesium and Calcium in the form of Dolomite can help reduce milk fever and grass staggers in dairy cows and improve overall stock health. Achieving adequate levels of Magnesium in stock has a calming affect on them, meaning less stress for all involved.

Magnesium is found at the centre of the chlorophyll molecule, the plants light-harvesting, energy-producing centre, and so plays an important role in energy metabolism as well as the production of oils and proteins. You will obtain these advantages as magnesium moves up to the desired 12 – 20% base saturation level.

A key fact often overlooked about Golden Bay Dolomite is the nature of the rock and its ability to crush down to a very fine particle size. Without doubt the fineness of grinding is one of the major contributing factors to the continued success of Dolomite as typically 66% of the product is ground to less than 150 microns (0.15mm) so that solubility and plant availability are optimised.


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